Tupler Technique®: Week One Treatment for Diastasis Recti

During the next eighteen weeks {August 1-December 5, 2014}, we will be personally reviewing the Tupler Technique® – Treatment for Diastasis Recti, aka Lose Your Mummy Tummy. Be sure to track our weekly progress as we unroll the Flat Out Truth regarding every belly.


Tupler Technique®: Week One Treatment for Diastasis RectiLet’s start with the backstory of one iBirth™ mama: Me. I am Lisa Smith. This is my belly. Cute, right? Maybe if I were 4 months pregnant. But I’m not. I am 22 months postpartum and I’m an active woman! I eat {mostly} healthy, I chase my toddler daily, I work in childcare- more chasing and mediating toddlers, I run 5-15 miles a week {9 min/mile pace}, I bike, hike, get good sleep. What gives?!?

“It looks like you are pushing it out.” -Every single one of my girlfriends, after lifting my shirt to show them my frustration.

No. No, I am not pushing it out. This is my belly and it has been driving me crazy on a scale of bonkers to angry to self-love. As I have been processing through life after baby {honest-to-goodness, THE happiest time of my entire life}, I have thought to myself, “This is my new Mama body. This is the body that gifted me our beautiful baby.” I reframe my thoughts about beauty, self-care and self-love. I tell myself that running faster and longer than ever before is a higher measure than the size of my belly. Then back to angry as I lift up my shirt and say out loud, “What IS this?!?150x200_top_hilarious_mommy_blogs

This is Diastasis Recti. Welcome to my journey in closing my diastasis. Thanks for joining me. I look forward to strengthening my connective tissue as I am {hopefully} between pregnancies. To be totally honest, I have had the thought, “Well if I am going to get pregnant again, what’s the point of working on my body now?” Thank goodness I have finally discovered Julie Tupler and the Tupler Technique®. I have had the great pleasure of working directly with Julie over email and video exchanges and I could not be more hopeful about finding the core strength I have longed for even before pregnancy. Upon completing my first week of the Tupler Technique®, I feel stronger and I walk taller. My neck and back are already thanking me and self-adjusting throughout the day as if I had been to the chiropractor {one of my favorite self-care treats}.

My body and soul are forever changed since pregnancy and childbirth (vaginal delivery). I embrace my new post-baby body and I LOVE MY BODY. I am proud of myself for growing and birthing the most precious human being on earth {gush}. But I am also encouraged to discover that with a little hard work, I can strengthen my abdomen, flatten my belly and better support the rest of my body.

It is all about being kind to your connective tissue so it can heal.” -Julie Tupler

Left: Before starting the Tupler Technique®, Right: Results after Week One





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