Women Trust Mobile Healthcare Apps

The mobile healthcare revolution is upon us and the research projects that everyday users will soon trust their health apps more than their physicians.

“Two-thirds of women said they would use a mobile app to manage health-related issues…[as] mobile apps are becoming the primary source for women to manage treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of health conditions.” @ Forbes.com

Your patients probably have two or more pregnancy apps downloaded before they even meet with you for their first appointment. Accessibility in this information age is phenomenal, relentless, incessant. Your clients must look no further than the palm of their hands to gather the health information they desire.

On the flip side, the amount of information available can be overwhelming and false. Perhaps you are all too familiar as you have spent more time than you care to admit peeling back the layers of misinformation regarding your patient’s internet research?

What if you could hit the ground running with your clients—saving time and money in the long run? What if you could use your precious face-to-face time more proactively, more productively and as efficiently as said palm-research?

Why not propel your business forward using your own mobile app?

  • Meet your clients right where they are, on their devices.
  • Teach your trusted information in the format preferred by most.
  • Build trust and lasting relationships.
  • Gain social sharing and word-of-mouth momentum.
  • Instill confidence, lending to better outcomes for all.

Here at iBirth™ App, we believe you, The Expert, have two very clear choices:

  1. Take a bold but simple step. Make a change regarding how you educate your established clientele. Meet your clients’ needs by building your own branded mobile app.
  2. Do nothing different. Let your patients continue using other healthcare applications. Spend more time talking during office visits and sifting through the information they bring with them through your door.

Join the mobile healthcare movement. Bring your trusted information to life. Give the people what they want! Create and customize a healthcare app for your hospital or women’s health practice they can trust. A pregnancy and postpartum app that bridges continuity of care and convenience, brimming with your approved information. What an excellent way to increase maternal health engagement and education in the most accessible way for patients to absorb.

The bottom line is obvious: Mobile healthcare apps are where simplicity meets expertise.

Let’s get to work!

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