The Happiest Baby on the Block: The Five S’s

Is your newborn ‘waking up’? Got colic? Having trouble staying asleep?
No problem!

Dr. Harvey Karp has created a foolproof method, known as the five S’s, for calming babies (and preventing postpartum depression): The Happiest Baby on the Block. Read more about Dr. Karp, according to ACOG, on page 6 of this document.

  1. Swaddle: The cornerstone of calm.
  2. Side-Stomach position: Similar to womb positioning.
  3. Shushing: White noise.
  4. Swinging: An inch back and forth.
  5. Sucking back to Sleep: Breast or pacifier.

Learn more about The Happiest Baby and The Happiest Toddler!

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