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Here is one of the most common questions we answer this time of year!

Question: “Can our hospital use iBirth™ app to send seasonal messages to our clients?”

Answer: Yes! Seasonal push notification messages can be sent to your patients in four different ways. You can choose one, or use all four!

Seasonal messages can include a wide variety of topics such as:

  • class cancellation due to weather
  • road closures due to construction
  • family picnic reminders
  • listeria outbreaks
  • flu shots

Here’s how the app works. Let’s use the example of seasonal flu shots…

1. Notification Center:  iBirth™ App has a Notification Center to push out your timely and/or seasonal messages. It is simple and quick. Once you log-in to the iBirth™ app dashboard, click on notifications, type your reminder: “Don’t forget to get your flu shot! ” and send. An instant later, this message pops-up on the mobile devices of your entire client population.
iBirth Patient Push Notification Question

2.  Weekly Messages: Use the Weekly Messages section to prompt clients with a notification such as, ‘If you haven’t done so already, make your appointment to get your flu shot today!’ during a certain week of their pregnancy. When flu season is over, revert Weekly Message back to original message.

3.  Daily Inspiration:  Compose your ‘importance of flu shots’ message within the ‘Daily Inspirations’ section and add links for further education. Repeat throughout the pregnancy and postpartum timeline as often as you’d like. Revert back to original messaging when the season is over with a few simple clicks.

4.  Tips and Lists: Customize an entire section regarding your seasonal topic. Write about the importance of flu shots, where to get them, when to get them, and more. Once flu season is over, you can deactivate this specific topic area and it will disappear from your clients’ mobile devices. Next flu season, simply reactivate with one click.

iBirth™ App provides a variety of ways to get your educational messages in front of your clients, leaving a positive impact and reaching your curriculum forward.

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