iBirth is now part of Babyscripts!

June 22, 2018

To our users, clients and friends:

It is my distinct pleasure to announce that iBirth is now part of Babyscripts!

The last nine years have been an incredible journey for iBirth, one filled with countless believers who have joined us in our mission to effect change in the world of maternity care. It has been a long and winding road, and we could not have done it without you. We want to thank each and every one of you for your deep desire to see innovation in healthcare and trusting us to come alongside you in this revolution. With joy and gratitude, I’m here today to shout from the rooftops: When it comes to improving outcomes for moms and babies, we are only getting started!

During iBirth’s infancy, we found ourselves positioned as one of the very first pregnancy apps in the global app marketplace. Not knowing exactly how the app economy would mature over the years, we stepped out on a ledge, were quick to identify a problem, and took a huge risk long before anyone on our team even owned an iPhone 1. Likewise, countless forward-thinking physicians, midwives, nurses, doulas and educators also took a risk by sharing iBirth with their expectant moms and dads, quoting the now cliché phrase, “There’s an app for that!” thus supplementing their entrusted in-person care with our cutting edge ‘mHealth’ technology.

At the same time that we were growing iBirth into what it is today, a company called Babyscripts in Washington DC was building a data centric virtual care platform for pregnancy. We’ve long admired their approach in precision prenatal care. Founded in 2014, Babyscripts is powered by a suite of mobile apps that drive better patient decision-making, leveraging internet connected devices for remote monitoring, while offering a host of population health tools to afford providers access to patient data in real time. When using these tools, physicians are able to identify patient risk more quickly, improve clinical workflow, and optimize their schedules.

Recently it became clear to the founding teams of both iBirth and Babyscripts that we have been laying parallel tracks over the past few years. After much careful consideration, I’m happy to say that we are now bringing our strengths together by combining our talents and product capabilities under one roof. iBirth and Babyscripts share a perfectly matched vision, which is even more reason this acquisition is so extremely exciting for all of us!

To all of our dedicated users, we love you. Rest assured you will receive the same level of high-quality products and customer service you have come to expect with iBirth, but now with even more resources to continue producing meaningful solutions. My team and I have always known that a personalized high-touch daily app delivered by trusted care providers would be all the more powerful when combined with a fully risk-stratified model of early intervention powered by internet connected devices and big data. Joining forces with Babyscripts allows us to amplify our impact with ease and efficiency.

Truly believing the whole is better than the sum of its parts, iBirth and Babyscripts embark on an exciting journey toward an advanced model of maternity care — together; one that emphasizes convenience, powers engagement, and facilitates more precise prenatal and postpartum care for the women and babies of the world. Please stay tuned as we share more with you in the coming months!

With love and gratitude,

Judith Nowlin, Co-Founder and CEO of iBirth

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