Mobile Apps Providing Postpartum Nighttime Lifeline

If you work in women’s health, we know you are on the other end of the phone with desperate new mothers all the time. Today we were too. I want to share this real-life occurrence, straight from the iBirth™ office.

“It’s just too hard.”

“I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“I’m worried this isn’t working.”

“I’m exhausted. I just want to give up.”

-Exhausted New Breastfeeding Mother, second night home with 4-day-old baby.

We hear these words from our dear friends and family members on a regular basis after childbirth. At first morning light, New Mother calls us and describes her very rough second night at home: sleep-deprived with a full milk supply, tender and engorged breasts, and an upset baby having difficulty making a good latch. We can hear the desperation in our loved one’s voice. We can feel her pain through the phone.

From here, we reach for iBirth™ mobile app, showcasing specific multimedia resources, demonstrating the evidence-based best practices addressing these all-too-common experiences. This is exactly why our dear friends have called us! We are able to put our friend at ease, leading her to a better outcome.

This real-life phone call serves as an important reminder regarding the critical postpartum time among new families. After discharge, most U.S. women today come home only with an inexperienced partner by her side. Even the most well-prepared new mothers are quite surprised by the reality of sleep-deprivation and the breastfeeding learning curve when they first get home.

You see, the nighttime hours are dark and lonely for many mothers. And all too commonly it is in these hours, without support, that many mothers contemplate giving up on breastfeeding.

This story casts a spotlight on one of the great many uses for iBirth™ App:

Your Nighttime Lifeline.

Let’s take a closer look at what this looks like for your practice.

Call center:

Go ahead and put me on speaker phone so I can help you. Now, tap on the iBirth™ mobile app we gave you. Go to ‘Tips and Lists’ where you will find a link to a video that is perfect for this situation. It shows you different holds for breastfeeding. Having a visual will help you better understand what I am describing to you over the phone. Watch this video and give it a try. Also, in ‘Tips and Lists’ there is another video for soothing a crying baby. Watch these two videos and try out the suggested positions and solutions… Call me back if you have any questions.”


In this situation, this healthcare team’s customized iBirth™ App creates ease for both care provider and mother by closing the loop on practical ways to arrive at best outcomes.

We invite you to test-drive the private label app. Contact us and we will send you a DEMO CODE. We want you to experience the joy and ease iBirth™ creates when all members of the care team are on board.

Supporting you in your mission,

Judith Nowlin and the iBirth™ Team

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