Celebrating International Women’s Day

Our Mobile Application Supports Healthcare Teams Go Baby Friendly

iBirth™ Celebrates Women. Supports Women.

Supports Healthcare Teams Supporting Women.


iBirth™ App is proud to support healthcare teams in their initiatives with:

The beauty of the iBirth™ mobile app solution is the ease in which you can customize it to make it your own to meet the needs of your regional patient population. Editing is straight-forward, deployment is fast, and the features are robust. And because iBirth™ is software-as-a-service, we take care of all the technical requirements while you focus on what you do best, taking care of people.

When women’s health care practitioners partner with us to create their branded customizable app, everyone wins! Better prenatal and postnatal care is delivered. Superior customer service is achieved. Higher patient satisfaction results.

Our health care practitioners range from health systems, hospitals, obgyn groups, midwives, birth centers doulas and childbirth educators.

We invite you to test-drive the branded app for yourself. Schedule a demo today and experience the joy and ease iBirth™ creates when all members of the care team are on board.

Supporting you in your mission,

The iBirth™ Team


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