Meet Stephanie Larson, iBirth™App Expert

stephanie headshotStephanie Larson is the Creator and Founder of Dancing For Birth™, which offers vibrant prenatal/postpartum classes, and trainings for birth professionals, worldwide. This dynamic leader was named USA’s National Birth Hero for her groundbreaking work. She is an International Speaker, the Executive Producer of the DFB™ Prenatal Dance & Birth Wisdom DVD, and a Mother of four.

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Dance your way to a happier and healthier pregnancy, a quicker and easier birth and a more content baby! You’ll love this revolutionary new mode of prenatal/postpartum fitness/wellness and birth preparation!


Our mission is to Energize ~ Empower ~ Enlighten™ expectant and new mothers and families, so that they can fully enjoy pregnancy, birth, and parenthood.

Company Overview

Founder, Stephanie Larson was voted USA’s National Birth Hero, 2011.

Dancing For Birth™ was founded in the USA in 2001 by certified birth doula, childbirth educator, perinatal fitness expert, dancer and mother Stephanie Larson. Classes were taught by Larson at the local level during the early years. In 2007 the first instructor trainings were held in the USA and the first Certified Instructors earned the credentials DFB (Certified Dancing For Birth™ Instructor). In 2009 the Dancing For Birth™ Instructor Trainings went international and in 2011 they took place on three continents. Currently, weekly classes for expectant and postpartum moms/babies are offered on four continents.


By encouraging a woman to dance during her birth, we empower her to actively participate and rejoice in her labor, to embrace her labor’s unique rhythm and unfolding, to love her pregnant body, and to trust in her baby’s and her own inner-knowledge of how to birth. The euphoria she experiences will spill over to infuse her parenting, and her life with joy.” – Stephanie Larson, Founder of Dancing For Birth™

Dancing For Birth™ prenatal and postpartum classes incorporate dance moves from around the world that best prepare a woman to give birth. Birth can be like a marathon, and Dancing For Birth™ classes prepare her for the challenge. She becomes stronger, more agile, more at ease with her body and both mentally and physically ready to embrace her unique birth experience. Weekly classes are offered for dancing thru pregnancy, as well as after the birth with baby secured in a sling or wrap.

Dancing For Birth™ prenatal and postpartum dance class participants report experiencing low levels of discomfort, few or no interventions, brief labours and high levels of satisfaction during their births.

As a weekly class participant you’ll learn birth dancing moves inspired by Bellydance, African Dance, Latin Dance and Caribbean Dance. It’s a feel-good workout that challenges, yet relaxes and uplifts you. No dance experience necessary! Two left feet? That’s ok!

During the class you will also learn valuable childbirth preparation skills and natural pain coping techniques that will build your confidence in your own birthing ability and wisdom. Birth can be active, ecstatic, orgasmic, transformative and empowering! Did you know that there is an optimal position for your baby to be in when labour begins, and that you can help assure that position? You’ll gain knowledge to help you have the birth that you envision for your baby.

Babies whose mothers take Dancing For Birth™ prenatal and postpartum dance classes love the motion of dancing and are easily soothed after birth by being held while you dance. You will also regain your pre-pregnancy shape and tone more quickly when you continue Dancing For Birth™classes with your baby after giving birth. Classes are currently offered on four continents: North America, Europe, Australia, Asia. To locate a class visit here.

Dancing For Birth™ Instructors have a passion to Energize ~ Enlighten ~ Empower™ women in the childbearing year. Two-day Instructor Training workshops are offered internationally and are the first step toward instructor certification. The training schedule can be found here.



iBirth™App in action
iBirth™App in action