Meet Selena Shelley, MA, CD, LCCE, CHBE; iBirth™App Expert

Selena Shelley, Selena Shelley - headshot is a psychotherapist specializing in work with pregnant childhood sexual abuse and other trauma survivors. She is also a birth doula, and has learned a great deal from her clients about maternity care practices and how they can affect childhood sexual abuse survivors. For more information on her work, please visit her website ( or email her at

Selena has been working with women and families for over fifteen years and she loves her job.

She grew up in Seattle and then relocated east to obtain her undergraduate degree at Brandeis University. She moved back to Seattle after graduation, and began working as a social worker with homeless youth and teenage parents. She greatly enjoyed her social work — learning how to approach very complex family systems and help clients overcome seemingly insurmountable situations.

In 2002, she completed her Master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science at Bastyr University.  In addition to learning clinical skills, her program was based on the concept that a good practitioner must also do their own therapeutic work. So while learning and growing as a pyschotherapist, she was also personally learning and growing.

A few years after completing her Master’s degree, she realized how much she was inspired by the pregnancy and birth aspect of her work. After attending a couple of births, where the woman had a doula, Selena was intrigued by the idea of supporting women and families throughout their pregnancy and birth process. She then embarked on her training and certification as a birth doula, a Lamaze Childbirth Educator, and then a Happiest Baby Educator.

In 2008, she moved to Boulder and opened her practice in Colorado. TMB-approved-200

Selena has been married for over eight years and in 2010 welcomed a beautiful baby boy into her growing family. “Our son has been one of my best teachers into the joy and intensity of parenthood, and has certainly made me a more empathetic practitioner!”

Selena looks forward to working with you and your family! If you have any questions regarding her services (including psychotherapy, individual consultations and workshops for pregnant women, childbirth education, doula support and therapeutic postpartum care), or would like to schedule a free phone consultation, please contact her.

iBirth™App in action
iBirth™App in action


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