Meet Sarah Blight: iBirth™App Expert

After her first birth, Sarah realized how many safe options, proven by the leading medical centers of the world, were never taught (even in expensive birth classes). She realized that her birth class talked about birth but never actually taught her “how to have a healthy birth.”

Having met hundreds of other moms with the same frustrations, Sarah thought, “We’ve been making babies for thousands of years… this is c-r-a-z-y!” So she founded to help pregnant women learn “how to have a healthy birth” directly from the most trusted birth experts in the world.
Sarah is also the author of “Going to the Motherland: things to know for your journey” and the co-author, together with her husband, of the best-selling, Birth Book series, available on

Sarah is married to Mr. Baby Booty (Steve) and together they are the proud parents of two kiddos, ages 5 and (the always enjoyable) 2. The Blight family lives in the great state of Michigan.

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