Looking Back on 2015, Forward to 2016

So many great things can happen in 21 months!

Over the past 21 months at iBirth™, we have spent a great deal of time researching and discussing how we can have a more profound impact on improving education access for pregnancy, birth and postpartum populations.

We have enjoyed countless encounters with professionals in the field; doctors, nurses, midwives, CBE’s, doulas, moms, dads — people just like you!

Throughout our endeavors, we have discovered that iBirth™ App’s greatest impact emerges from aligning with the care providers in the field — the boots-on-the-ground workers and health systems that are guiding, helping and walking alongside women, partners and families.

In 2015 we launched the newest feature set in our software! We transitioned from offering general information in our direct to consumer app to offering very specific population based information in our private label app.

We are now partnering with maternity care practices all over the country with this one goal: Educate Better.


By improving access to education, creating opportune learning windows with timely and convenient information, together we create a more educated consumer which ultimately means better outcomes for moms and babies and healthier communities overall.


See this powerful video, featuring Dr. Neel Shah of Harvard University Medical School and Ariadne Labs, stating, “[It is] women’s views [that] are probably going to be the driving force behind the change,” while looking at changing the statistics around large complex maternity care issues in the United States today.



iBirth™ is playing a significant role in maternity and postpartum care packages all over the nation. Just as your practice offers urine tests, monthly appointments, booklets, classes, and discharge packets, we are improving access to education by actively engaging clients in their own healthcare, therefore increasing the likelihood of better outcomes.

Why focus on this specific 21 month period of time at the iBirth™ office?

For every new mother who has your voice by her side 24/7 with the iBirth™ app, she stays connected to you and your practice for all 9 months of pregnancy, birth and 12 months postpartum… 21 months.

Can you imagine the amount of knowledge and education that can happen in this amount of time? We can. Join us!

Stay connected, educate better.

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