Dads Dig iBirth™App

A must-have pregnancy reference tool for moms-to-be of today and tomorrow.” -Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

Although they may have attended childbirth education classes with their partner, sometimes Dads feel unsure of how to help when in the labor room. They have been through many scenarios and practiced labor techniques, but labor may not be progressing as they anticipated. Or– with all the excitement– they may have a difficult time remembering what they have previously learned.

We see Dads light up with interest when they discover iBirth™App in classes and at expos. They connect with our top-downloaded technology-based tool to better support their partner’s pregnancy, delivery and beyond. They find confidence for labor in having such an accessible, trustworthy, knowledgable resource {created by doulas with a combined 20+ years childbirth experience}. iBirth™ is able to assist Dads in the face of multiple childbirth possibilities and deepen their involvement with their partners. Winning!

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Dad's Dig iBirth