• I absolutely love this app and use it daily throughout my pregnancy. A+++

  • iBirth has a lot of great information even for a 4th-time Mom. Also love having a quality app over pregnancy books since I could read during downtime minutes like a Doctor's office waiting room with the app already with me on my phone.

  • This app beats all the other apps in its category because of its ease of use. It covers pregnancy, labor (love the timer!), and postpartum completely and delicately. Such an asset for any parent to have during the first year of baby’s life. Download this app ASAP.

  • I open the Inspirations every day. Answers questions before they even come up. Lots of good stuff in here I wouldn’t normally be thinking about.

  • Being a visual learner I think these videos are fantastically instructional. By far, my favorite app out of all of them when it comes to preparing for labor and delivery.

  • I recommend this app to anyone who wants to be soothed through their pregnancy!

Branded Mobile Healthcare App Features Your Moms & Dads Will Love!

Daily Inspirations

Daily uplifting affirmations throughout pregnancy and baby’s first year.


Useful and timely tips to reinforce the concepts learned in the office or the classroom.

Tools & Trackers

Easy-to-use built-in apps for keeping track of all the most important details.


Simple and straightforward guide to optimize prenatal and postnatal nutrition.


Reinforce learning with a relevant multi-media approach your families will love.

Daily Inspirations

Your clients will be uplifted with fresh thoughts and positive affirmations to ponder daily stretching all nine months of pregnancy through baby’s first birthday. One new message is delivered every day during this incredibly transformative time.


Specific to mom’s estimated due date or baby’s birth date

Topics cover:

    • baby names
    • bonding
    • breastfeeding
    • childbirth education
    • exercise
    • fetal development
    • infant milestones
    • infant oral health
    • intimacy
    • mental/emotional health
    • parenting
    • & much more

+ add all of your own timeline specific reminders!



Make the most of your valuable face-to-face time as you reference these extensive evidence-based resources pre and post appointments. Support early intervention with immediate connection to providers with our Click-to-Call feature. Patients can call directly to the department they need to be in touch with for Early Labor Symptoms, Postpartum Depression, Lactation Support, and more…


Categorically organized content

Topics cover:

  • baby care
  • breastfeeding
  • c-sections
  • infant safety
  • kangaroo care
  • postpartum mood disorders (PPD)
  • relaxation
  • resource referral
  • safe sleep
  • self-care
  • & much more

+ add more topics that are most important to you!



Self-efficacy grows when moms use our Tools section. These mini apps also support early intervention, assisting families in determining what’s normal and when to call their provider.


Editing and email capabilities allow families to collaborate with care teams remotely

Timers and trackers include:

  • baby diaper
  • baby feeding (breast & bottle)
  • baby weight
  • baby sleep
  • contraction timer
  • fetal kick
  • maternal weight


Take the guesswork out of nutrition planning for mom and baby with this concise back-pocket guide. Moms and Dads love to keep it handy when meal planning or ordering out.


Visually displaying the most nutrient-rich foods for each food group

Topics cover:

    • detailed description of daily requirements
    • benefits of each nutrient for mom and baby
    • nutrition requirements for teens
    • tips to enhance absorption
    • sections devoted to alternative dietary needs (vegetarian/dairy-free)

+ add tips and recipes from your own nutrition experts!



Improve learning and retention with pertinent multi-media and visual tools tailored to the learning style of millennial families.


Preloaded with labor and delivery videos to enhance comfort and confidence in childbirth.


  • 26 short clips of the best birthing positions
  • why each position is so helpful
  • how to work with her own body for a faster labor
  • positions that help align baby for easier delivery
  • practical ways partner can help during labor

+ add your most commonly referenced videos!