The Birth Center of Boulder

iBirth™ Enterprise Edition
Customized Maternity App

Using iBirth™ has transformed how The Birth Center of Boulder engages their clients throughout pregnancy and first year postpartum.

“I have been able to breathe a sigh of relief now that we have the iBirth app. I feel as though a lot of pressure has been taken off my shoulders, now that I know my patients have the support they need at the touch of their fingertips.”

Angela Stevens, MSN, CNM

The Birth Center of Boulder Finds Unforeseen Benefits with iBirth™’s White Label Pregnancy and Postpartum App

The Challenge: 50-page education and information packet not being read by patients

The clinical team at The Birth Center of Boulder has always provided new patients with extremely thorough information, covering pregnancy, birth, postpartum, baby care, and more. Yet their delivery method –a fifty-page document – was a dated model often ignored or discarded by patients. The birth center’s lead midwife Angela Stevens, MSN, CMN went on to explain,

“We slowly started to realize a lot of people were like ‘Oh yeah, I have that 50-page document… somewhere… I didn’t read it’. It was too much, too many pages… our deepest frustration was that we had the information out there and available but it wasn’t being utilized.”

Even though they tried to offer a digital option in the form of an email-able document, “The PDF was not user-friendly,” admitted Abrie Koupal, MSN, CNM from The Birth Center of Boulder. Realizing that there is an overabundance of data available today for pregnant women, their staff needed to cut through the noise with timely, engaging and consistent messages delivered in a way that patients would actually consume and use to their benefit. To assure that every patient receives the best care possible, the birth center needed to not only improve the mode of information delivery, but also confirm their patients were digesting key information to assure engagement, awareness and best outcomes.

The Solution: Using iBirthgives patients easily digestible, tailored information in a simplified format

By implementing the iBirth solution, the birth center team converted all patient information into an easily accessible mobile app, customizing the center’s content in a relevant fashion tailored to their specific care process. Easily set up and branded, the iBirth app shares information with birth center patients in an organized, easily digestible, and understandable manner. The birth center of boulder staff was drawn toward iBirth because of its unique ability to reach patients.

“It gave us the ability to put the information we really wanted them to get in a form that people are using now,” said Angela Stevens. “Initially we saw a huge opportunity in the notifications. We knew it would give us a different kind of access to clients. If there is a snowstorm and the clinic is closed or if we have new classes, we can use the app’s built-in notification system to communicate to everyone all at once.”

The Results: So many more benefits than simply replacing the 50-page document packet

  • The clinical staff at the birth center have reported that patient visits are now much more efficient because patients arrive better prepared, having read the information on the app prior to arrival.
  • Non-urgent calls to the 24/7 nurse advice line have decreased by more than 50%, as the app mitigates much of the need for these calls, saving time and staff resources.
  • Over 90% of all patients use the app, providing an effective new way to communicate with patients.

iBirth™ is also being utilized as a resource that admin staff can use when interacting with patients: “Our admin is able to point to an easy resource to assist our clients. If they look at the app and still have questions, the admin can then direct them to the midwife.” This gives the midwives more time to focus on more serious needs. The Birth Center of Boulder successfully integrated the iBirth app as “the resource” among their staff. Abrie says,

“If we recognize a gap in our information, we are able to address it much more quickly than ever before.”

Additionally, the app sends push notifications to users, including relevant daily messages, helpful tools and trackers, and useful videos all programmed into the SaaS platform.

Reflection: iBirth is a very simple system with huge reward

After the successful initial response to the iBirth app, Abrie explained why the birth center of boulder had not tried to improve their information delivery method before iBirth came along. She says,

“The system we were using was what we knew, it’s what was available. I don’t think we realized there was another option.”

Abrie went on to discuss the administrative ease of the iBirth app platform, “It’s a pretty simple system and it’s hugely beneficial. I like how easy it is to personalize it. It’s an intuitive app. I have had very few people ask how to use it once they are in it.” She also appreciates the support the iBirth team has provided her anytime questions come up: “Everyone has been great about getting back to me right away and listening to our feedback.”

Looking into the future, Abrie is excited to expand on her favorite feature in the app, the video section: “I like the embedded video section a lot! I plan on expanding our video library on the app.” This section helps provide a multi-media resource for patients who prefer visual and auditory cues. Overall The Birth Center of Boulder has been extremely pleased in their partnership with iBirth and would recommend it to any organization searching for a similar education and engagement solution.