Baby Love Letters

Birth Class Homework

This past weekend I hosted another wonderful childbirth class reunion party for my newest group of parents. In our Saturday morning gathering we shared hugs, good food and exciting stories. I love these parties not only because I get to see my students again and meet all their beautiful babies, but I also get to hear the mothers and fathers relate with one another over their greatest joys and most difficult challenges in the first three months postpartum.

One of the most common topics I overhear the new parents talking about is how they now realize that while birth preparation is essential, baby preparation cannot be forgotten in all the excitement! Birth lasts a day, or two, or three…but the all-encompassing reality of a new child in the home carries on day-after-day-after-day.

We love you alreadyWe know that sometimes pregnancy can be all-consuming for expectant parents. And for many, it is hard to see past the baby’s birth day. For this reason, one of the activities I like to do in birth class and with my doula clients is the *Baby Love Letter* assignment.

In the weeks preceding the family’s anticipated due date, I ask both the mothers and fathers to write a love letter to their baby in-utero. They then share those letters with one another and sometimes even bring them to the birth to read aloud during labor. The parents report that this exercise makes the idea of welcoming a new life in to the home so much more tangible.

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